Peter Mollica Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1964 in Boston, MA.  Has been working in glass in California for 44 years.

I was born in Newton, MA in 1941. In 1964, I apprenticed to Chris Rufo in Somerville, MA to learn all aspects of stained glass craft. We made windows , mostly for churches in traditional Gothic style. We occasionally made “modern” windows which meant in Mondrian style. Bored with cutting and glazing these styles, I started looking around for more interesting possibilities. In 1965, I found a book by Robert Sowers which opened my eyes to windows made in Germany since the end of the war. I knew then that I had to learn to design. In 1968 I left Massachusetts and moved to Berkeley where I opened a studio to make windows for homes and free-hanging panels for myself.

In 1979, I moved my studio to my garage in Oakland. In 1988, I was commissioned to fabricate two large clerestory windows, designed by Rowan LeCompte for the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.. I needed a bigger studio so I moved to the studio I still have in Oakland where I continue to make windows for libraries, churches, a synagogue, homes and free-hanging panels for myself and a handful of faithful collectors.

“Catherine of Siena Chapel”
Peter Mollica”
Traditional stained glass techniques using hand-blown glass from Fremont Antique Glass Co.
H 8′-6″ x W 2′-9″

“Untitled 1”
Peter Mollica
Traditional stained glass techniques using hand-blown “Antique” glass & machine made “fluted” glass
H 19″ x W 26″

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