The Team

This project is a self-funded, all volunteer community effort.

In January 2012, Mary White and Michelle Knox, glass faculty at The Crucible, proposed to Steve Young, Crucible Director, that they organize a two-day symposium.  The event would be to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the American Studio Glass movement, with a focus on California artist contributions to the movement.  The California Glass Exchange (CGE) was used as a model.  CGE Started at San Jose State University’s glass program in 1984 and has been hosted at educational facilities and glass programs around California on a semi annual basis.

The Crucible agreed to donate the facility, studio space, equipment, and staff support for the project.  This was with the understanding that Many and Michelle would find all financial support for the program, design the schedule, and organize all participants and events.  The Crucible glass faculty agreed to join in the efforts and the project was launched.  All the Crucible glass faculty organizers are working as volunteers and are collaborating with skilled and talented Crucible interns, volunteers, and students.  With the exception of the keynote speakers, all of the participating demo and lecture artists are donating their time and expertise.  We greatly appreciate their generosity!  The goals of the glass weekend are to educate and inform the public about the evolution of the Studio Glass movement and the contributions of California artists who work with glass.  It is also our goal to strengthen links between local glass art schools, public access studios, artists, students, collectors, and the wider arts community in California.  It is taking the “glass village” to raise this project.  We are very grateful to all who are contributing their talents.
Daniel Erwin, Web & Program
Lee Granberg, Awards
Janiet Heibert, Vendor Display Facilitator & Fusing Studio
Ed Kirshner, Fundraising & Plasma
Kier Lugo, Hot Shop
Ralph McClaskey, Flameworking Studio
Daniel Stauber, Exhibition Curator
Liz Strickland, Graphics & Time-line
Christian Schiess, Neon and Light Show
Warren Warren, Awards & Coldworking Studio
Peggy Wilson, Awards and Volunteer Coordination
Please contact any of the above volunteers at

Project Advisory Committee
Elin Christopherson
Marna Clark
Jim Della
Jim Kervin, Flameworking
Susan Longini
Janice Peacock
Harlan Simon, Flameworking
Randy Strong
Pamina Traylor
Sandra Wolfe

This project has received generous support from the following organizations:

  •  The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is sponsoring printing and graphics.
  • The Glass Alliance of Northern California is sponsoring the keynote speakers.
  • The Clay and Glass Arts Foundation is sponsoring the Youth Workshop that will bring youth Watts glass blowers and the Crucible youth together at the conference.
  • The Glass Art Society is supporting some of the publicity.
  • Danny Abrams is sponsoring general studios and faculty needs.
  • Annieglass, Awards Ceremony
  • Chalsty Family Foundation
In-Kind Sponsors:

We are still looking for financial sponsorship to support other parts of the celebration.
·      Refreshments for the Saturday night Awards Ceremony and Exhibition Reception (6-9pm),
·      Audio/Visual staff and equipment for the lectures and panels,
·      Travel and lodging costs for the participating demo artists who are coming from over 40 miles away,
·      Equipment upgrade on the hot glass furnace and installation of recuperation to reduce fuel use,
·      Equipment upgrades and glory holes and install recuperation to reduce fuel use.
If you are interested in contributing, contact Mary White at

The Crucible Glass Faculty
Mary White: Recycled glass/fusing
Michelle Knox: Kiln Casting, Youth blowing and Sand Casting
Kier Lugo: Hot shop
Janet Hiebert: Slumping & Fusing
Ed Kirshner: Plasma
Ralph McCasky: Flameworking
Christian Schiess: Neon and Light
Daniel Stauber: Fusing, Casting
Warren Warren: Coldworking
Lee Granberg: Fusing

The Crucible Staff
Steve Young, Director
Andrea Linquist, Events Coordinator
Kristy Alferi, Education Coordinator
Aaron Mason, Communications Coordinator
Carla Hall, Youth Coordinator
Tara Bartholomew, Assistant to the Director
Joey Gothrath, Facilities Manager

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