Johnathon Schmuck Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1988 at San Jose State University, in San Jose, CA, and has worked in California for 16 years with 8 years spent between New Mexico, New York, and Australia, among others.

Johnathon Schmuck was awarded the first Fulbright Scholarship to attend the Canberra School of Art, in Australia, where he completed his postgraduate studies with Stephen Procter and Jane Bruce,  and received a Master of Visual Arts (MVA) degree in 2000.  Johnathon was fortunate enough to work with Klaus Moje while the Roll Up technique for blowing kilnformed Bullseye glass was being perfected in the Glass Workshop at Canberra.  Johnathon was also blessed with the chance to learn coldworking with maestro Stephen Procter before his passing, and Johnathon has subsequently written The Joy of Coldworking, a book about grinding, smoothing, and polishing blown and fused glass.   Johnathon has a studio in Santa Cruz, California, and he runs the kilnforming program at the Bay Area Glass Institute in San Jose, California , and has taught at Corning, Espace Verre in Montreal, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Oatka Glass School, Escuela del Vidrio in la Granja, Spain, and throughout the United States in private studios.

“Unconformity 85” set
Johnathon Schmuck
Enclamo blown fused-glass Roll Up, belt sanded and wheel cut
tallest 11”

“Onyx 2” set
Johnathon Schmuck
Blown fused-glass Roll Up, belt sanded and wheel cut
tallest 13”

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