Ron Carlson Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1988 at Blodgett Glass.

Ron Carlson taught at UC San Diego Crafts Center from 1973 and was Director from 1977-2011. In 1988 he started working with glass at Blodgett Glass with Wally Blodgett. He reopened the glass program in 1996 at UCSD, “Fat Baby Glass Works,” with the help of Thor Bueno. He started the Neon Program at UCSD in 1988, “Grove Gas & Electric Co.”  He has been an active supporter of the glass and neon arts in Southern California.

“I started in 1988 at Blodgett Glass in a program I put together with Buzz’s father Wally. I put together the glass program at UCSD in 1996 with the help of Thor Bueno (CLARIFY)Impressive list, the only other things I can think of are: Wally Blodgett started his glass studio “”Blodgett Glass”” in Lucadia, Ca in 1969 or 70. Buzz would know. Wally was a true pioneer . The program I put together with Wally lasted two years, he had so much work he didn’t have time or space for classes. I started the Neon Program at UCSD in 1988, “”Grove Gas & Electric Co.”” The Glass Blowing program at UCSD that re-opened on campus in 1996 was “”Fat Baby Glas Works”””

Ron Carlson is a member at large of the Art Glass Association of Southern California.

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