Pam Morris Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1974.

Pam Morris is a distinguished pioneering glass artist and innovator of sculptural luminaire design. In 1974 she discovered the immediate and visceral power of light penetrating glass while in New York City at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral viewing the sunlight stained glass. As a consequence of being moved so deeply, she resolved to devote herself to work with this powerful effect, glass and light.

It is hard imagine now….but at that time there were no classes or way to learn.  So she made the bold move of going to Durhan Studios, the most noted Stained fabricator in the country. At that time only males were accepted thru a journeyman program.  Despite this obstacle, she managed to convince the renowned Albinas Elskus to take her as his apprentice.

By the late 1980’s restaurants in America became what the public cathedrals of the Renaissance had been. Places for ordinary people to go and be in a space full of hand crafted works.  The adoption of halogen light sources; with its ability to focus light added the theatrical effect necessary to create grand environments. Unlike cathedrals however they were nighttime places.  It was the perfect storm for a glass artist capturing natural and man made light to use these public spaces as her galleries to display her illuminated sculptural glass work that was prized for being original and captivating.

For over 25 years Pam Morris has been recognized as a creative design force, pioneering using blown, kiln formed and cast glass with forged and cast metal to capture light. Her highly original and evocative trend-setting pieces have been commissioned in high-end projects around the world.

Pam Morris

Pam Morris

Pam Morris
Glass Wall

Pam Morris
Loading her kiln

Pam Morris
Making glass sculpture patterns

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