Dale Beevers

Dale is a jack of all trades, having completed advanced studies in archaeology at UC Berkeley, and over 12 years working in finance, media and publishing, marketing and communications, product design and project management.  She is currently working to combine this entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for creating art, studying sculpture at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and working as a volunteer and intern at The Crucible in her spare time.  She is also a mother and active volunteer in her community.  Dale’s work is evolving, using ceramic, metal, glass and found objects to explore issues of identity, mythology and historical narrative in her sculpture.  Symposium

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Dale is an inspiration to the organizing team, giving the Symposium many hours of her time while attending school and being a mom.  She has been dubbed the “goddess” of the team for her hard work, efficiency, and unflappable calm, while juggling forms and feedback from 140 symposium presenters.


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