Barbara Barnett Artist Bio

Has been working in glass in California since 2007. 

I have been an artist most of my life but only recently began working in glass. In 2007, I started working with stained glass and moved through kiln formed glass to cast glass after taking a class at The Crucible.  My work reflects the natural world I see around me, combining my love of nature and a passion for art.

Creating a glass sculpture out of a clay or wax model is always a journey of discovery.  My geeky side loves the physics of glass, the problem solving, and the complexity of the process.  My emotional side loves the observation and discovery of the form, the surprise at the outcome, and discovering new aspects of myself through the process.

During the 1970’s through mid 1990’s, I worked with a group of activist artists called Fireworks Graphics to produce silkscreen and offset posters addressing the social justice issues of the day. The Fireworks poster collective produced over 150 posters (mainly silkscreen).  Fireworks Posters are part of the Oakland Museum of California poster collection and can be seen with other social justice posters of the period at: OMCA Social Justice Poster Collection.

I attended San Jose State University and majored in Biology.  I worked at the University of California, Berkeley in many capacities and retired from the Central Budget Office in 2009 ready to devote my time to glass.

I share a studio at The Crucible in Oakland, California with two other glass artists.  We invite people to stop by “Go Go Glass” in Studio’s 1 & 2 at the Crucible.  The music is always on and the conversation is always interesting.

Raven Series: “Raven Ceremonial Rattle”
Barbara Barnett
Lead glass, feathers, beads, and steel

Raven Series: “Raven Sanctuary”
Barbara Barnett
Cast glass, deer antlers, ceramic egg


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