Liz Strickland Artist Bio

At age two Liz Strickland created her first piece of artwork, multicolored dots on a piece of paper.  When her mother asked her about her creations she titled it “Rainbow Snowy Day”.  With a life long passions for the arts it was no surprise that Liz chose to pursue a BFA in Glass at California College of the Arts.  In 2009 she graduated with distinction.

Since the completion of her under graduated degree Liz has continued to make art and show throughout the bay area. To continue her practice as a glass artist Liz interns and teaches at The Crucible.  She is responsible for the maintenance of the Crucible’s Fusing and Slumping Department in exchange or kiln use.  She has created graphics for the 2012 Glass symposium.  She also spent time volunteering with the summer youth glass blowing classes, helping to shape the next generations of glass artist.

Because the elements of detail, size and material spark an initial interest, the work draws the viewer in with its stunning presence. The content displayed in its intricacy holds one’s attention, constructing a space to explore the many levels of history, beauty and personal connection to place. The cinematic co-mingling of concept and content nurture an environment of discovery allowing the viewer to assemble a personal reading of the story, imagery and emotion found within each piece. Liz’s work investigates the overlap of perception, past and present, using materials, images and scale to manifest an emotional landscape that allows for total immersion in the work.

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