Peter Mangan Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1977 at John Kebrle Studio in Dallas, TX and has worked in California for 23 years.

For the last twenty-five years I have made my living as an artist.  My artwork has been shown and collected in the U.S.A., Europe, and Japan.  When I look back on pivotal experiences, certain events come to mind such as:  my apprenticeship at Bullseye Glass Company in Portland, OR, 1983; being a Visiting Artist at the New York Experimental Glass Center, 1988; and traveling around the world in 1996 (NYC, Italy, Egypt, India, Thailand, Bali, Hawaii).  Since 1998, I have had two studios, one in San Francisco, CA and the other in Blanco, TX in the heart of the Hill Country. Living and working in these diverse environments allows me to take on additional challenges and bring my artwork to a wider audience.

“Eternal Couple”
Peter Mangan
glass, copper, steel, brass
38″ x 21″ x 112″

“Rattle Tail”
Peter Mangan
steel and glass
44″ x 44″ x 120″


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