Helen Lee Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1994 at Horizons (now Snow Farm) in Williamsburg, MA, and in 1999 at the MIT Glass Lab in Cambridge, MA, and has been working in California for 5 years.

Helen Lee is an artist, designer, educator, and glassblower based in Berkeley, CA. She holds an MFA in Glass from RISD and a BSAD in Architecture from MIT. She has taught at RISD, CCA, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and the MIT Glass Lab. She was recently an affiliate artist at Headlands Center for the Arts and currently works as a freelance graphic designer for Celery Design Collaborative and Chronicle Books.

“Prince Rupert Drawing #1”
Helen Lee
Inked and exploded Prince Rupert’s drop (glass) on paper
22” x 30”

“Placeholder Shelf”
Helen Lee
Blown and cut glass glued to sheet glass, light
96” x 6” x 4”

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