Andreas Lehmann Artist Bio

Started working in glass since 1976 in Germany.  Worked in glass in California for 30 years. 

Andreas Lehmann, owner of Lehmann Glass Studio, has been traditionally trained to produce cut-crystal in Germany from 1976 to 1980. Andreas attended the Hadamar Glass School in Germany and graduated in 1977 with a Journeyman Certificate in Cut Glass. In 1981 he came to California at the invitation of Marvin Lipofsky to work at CCAC. In 1981, he met Thomas Tisch, an Austrian trained glass cutter, and they started a partnership at the Prieto Studios in Oakland. Their partnership ended in 1989 when Tisch moved to Corning, NY. Andreas kept working in the Prieto studio. After moving to the United States in 1981, he started producing wheel-cut glass panels of exceptional quality.

The Restoration World took notice and Lehmann Glass Studio was commissioned to reproduce complex historic panels. From among the many notable others, some of Lehmann Glass Studio’s projects include the University of Notre Dame, the historic Governor’s Mansion in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the historic Governor’s Mansion in Sacramento, California and the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado. The Studio has also been asked to create and reproduce brilliant-cut globes for historic gas chandeliers, as well as traditional Venetian cut-glass mirrors. Cynthia Lehmann, glass artist and book designer, met Andreas in 1991 and they have been partners in glass working ever since.

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