Penelope Starr Artist Bio

Has worked in glass for over 40 years.

Penelope has completed over 165 glass commissions placed in corporate, institutional, public and private spaces.  She atarted out in stained glass and switched to 3-D work after Pilchuck course in 1986.  From slumping,  she moved to creating landscapes incorporating non-glass materials and lighting as well as glass. She is now casting glass. She was an Artist-in Residence at Sanitary Fill (now Recology) (1995), panelist on Use of Recycled Glass at GAS Conference in Seto, JP (1998),  recieved a Cash Award from California EPA for Kiln Processes Using Recycled Glass (2006), and was a finalist: Raphael Founder’s Prize (Glass), Society for Contemporary  Craft, Pittsburgh, PA 2007.

“The World Beneath My Feet”
Penelope Starr

“Elegy for a Silent Mill”
Penelope Starr


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