Bruce Suba Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1979 at Milligan Art Glass.  Bruce has been working in glass in California for 33 years.

Started in 1979 doing stained glass. Then I worked with David Ruth making hand rolled sheets of stained glass. While there, I learned off hand glassblowing.  Met John Rossier who taught me the art of neon signs. Took glasses from him for one year.  Ended up buying all of his neon equipment and set it up at Bonny Doon Art Glass studio owned by John Forbes. Worked with John Forbes till 2010. My neon shop is now at my house and I have all the toys to make neon, scientific glass work, plasma lamps, crackle tubes & wireless neon art. I also worked for Zephyr Studios, Kim Newcomb’s & Lundberg Studios. Got into scientific glass blowing in my early times. Made lasers, cathode ray tubes, quartz laser flash lamps, quartz metal halide lamps & x-ray tubes. I have been the chairman for the Pacific Northwest chapter of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society for 16 years, organizing meetings at fellow glassblowers’ shops to share the art of scientific glassblowing. Check my web site & look me up on Facebook.

“Blue Dot”
Bruce Suba
Cobalt Blue Tubing and Neon Gas with Walnut Base

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