Christina Spann Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 1983 in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Christina Spann graduated with Fine Arts Degrees in painting/printmaking but turned in a new direction, toward the glass arts, in the early 80’s while still painting. “After producing architectural glass for arts and health care projects, I became interested in 3-dimensional glass and turned toward lighting.” Her company, “Lightspann” became her passion for the next 22 years. She has spoken, traveled, and designed for communities nationwide. Lightspann has showrooms and representatives all around the country.  Christina is the artist/designer, designing and producing hundreds of fixtures. With her team of glass and metal artisans, she provides lighting solutions to commercial, hospitality and residential clients. Her fixtures are created using blown glass, fused glass, and artisan crafted metal resulting in unique pieces of luminous art.

“Bamboo Wall Sconce”
Christina Spann
German Shott Glass,flame torched with tooled metal
30” h x 4” w”

“Clark Chandelier/New York”
Christina Spann
Slumped and Fused Art Glass with blown glass accents
30” x 10” x 42”

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