Arthur Stern Artist Bio

Arthur Stern started working in glass in California in 1973. 

Arthur Stern opened his studio in 1976, after previously working in Architecture and Interior Design. A specialist in Public Art he has installations in 36 states and 3 other countries. Known for his site-specific work Stern has developed and refined a personal abstract language in glass.

“Millennium Cross”
Arthur Stern
Leaded hand blown and plate glass with beveled glass prisms


Arthur Stern
Leaded handblown glass
18’x12′ corner window


John Denning Artist Bio

During his student days at the Los Angeles Art Center School, John Denning became fascinated by the human figure. His background in the arts is rooted in painting and drawing with a particular exploration of watercolor. The work of Nathan Olivera, Richard Diebenkorn, and Francis Bacon served as inspiration in the two-dimensional medium, while sculptors such as Manuel Neri and Stephen De Staebler began to emerge as gateways to the third dimension.

Denning’s sculptural figures, often female, oscillate in time and space as they simultaneously appear to be emerging and withdrawing in ruin. This conveyance of flight and repose echoes within the presence of accompanying birds that grace the figures with another opposition: familiar and other. Via these leitmotifs, Denning acknowledges dichotomy, as if embracing every vicissitude of experience.

Val Sanders Artist Bio

Has been working in glass in California since the 1960’s.

Val Sanders taught at Palomar College from 1968 to 1998. He retired from Palomar as the Chair of the Art Department. Val was a pioneer of glass blowing in Southern California and started the Palomar glass program in 1971. The glass blowing program at Palomar was one of the first in Southern California and is well known throughout the state.