Daniel Stauber Artist Bio

Started working in glass in 2011 in Oakland, CA.

I’m a newcomer to glass. My first casting and fusing classes began in January 2011. I studied with Warren, Janet Hiebert, and Mary White. They showed me a range of possibilities of working with glass. Glass is an amazing media. The potential seems limitless.

Art was not a part of my youth. Music was my first art form that I began exploring when I was 20. My mentors were anonymous and I decided to adopt their Theory of Obscurity whose primary axiom is that art is done for oneself with a minimum of external input. The artist reaches deeper inside their self for inspiration rather than look outward. I remained anonymous. It worked. But I wanted more.

After a stint in academia, I approached computer art but soon felt disassociated from it. It is virtual and not tactile enough. I began taking basic art classes at local community colleges and settled in on painting for a while. My West Oakland environment presented me with other media and my continual desire for something new resulted in creating metal sculpture. This led me to The Crucible. Finding metal somewhat burdensome, I began taking glass casting and fusing classes in January 2011. Despite the long history of glass, I am amazed by the incredible artwork of today’s glass artists. However, I now spend an equal amount of time with clay. What comes next?

“Cell #1”
Daniel Stauber
glass, fusing & slumping; metal
Glass 11.5” X 11.5” X 1”, w/ stand 13” X 23” X 7” (w X h X d)

“Flow Fuse #3”
Daniel Stauber
glass, pattern bar flow fusing
7” X 7”